Realtime social media visualisation


Mapimize creates dynamic visualisations of social media activity in realtime.

A torrent of data

500 million tweets are posted on Twitter every day. 500 thousand comments are posted on Facebook every minute. This torrent of tweets and comments offer a view onto our modern world, capturing events in politics, art, sport, finance and more.


Mapimize ingests live social media activity in realtime, and turns it into dynamic visualisations. These can be displayed on anything from laptop screens through to the worlds largest high-definition video walls.

At-a-glance insight

Mapimize visualisations provide a unique window on the world. With Mapimize you see the big picture and the fine detail, historical relationships and emerging trends. All at once, in realtime.


Checkout these examples of Mapimize in action.


Twitter activity associated with CNN and BBC reporters.

UK Parliament

Twitter activity associated with UK Members of Parliament.


Twitter activity associated with international airlines.

English Football

Twitter activity associated with English football teams.

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