Social media visualisation



The human race shares information on social media at an astonishing rate; 12,000 tweets were posted since you began reading this sentence. Mapimize is a London based startup with a plan to revolutionise how this information is visualised. We are powered by a brilliant team of engineers and entrepreneurs, with expertise at the bleeding edge of AI, GPU computing, large-scale data visualisation, and numerical methods. Our 'secret sauce' is our AI-backed hyperphysics engine, that converts data into dynamics.

"So powerful in a visual, just mesmerising to watch!"

Lowri Williams Creative Director, Grazity

"Mapimize provided fantastic visuals of how our #WeMakeEvents campaign unfolded. Not only did they look great, they really told the story of how our industry came together for an important day in an undeniable, data-driven way."

Nicky Greet Director Membership Skills and Technical, PLASA

"Mapimize gives an amazing insight into the ebb and flow of conversations on social media. It's a powerful tool to understand how information propagates online."



Mapimize Replay records historical social media activity and compresses it into short and engaging time-lapse visualisations, capturing geographic scope, critical nodes, competitor response, viral spread and much more. So drop the dull spreadsheets and confusing pie charts, and tell your next social story with Mapimize Replay.


Mapimize Live ingests real-time social media activity and converts it on-the-fly into fully-customisable dynamic, and optionally interactive, visualisations that offer a unique window onto the here-and-now. So drop the classic news tickers and the static assets, and generate engagement with a wow-factor using Mapimize Live.


World Leaders

World leaders on Twitter.

International Airlines

International airlines on Twitter.

Japanese House of Representatives

The Japanese House of Representatives on Twitter.

Clap For Carers UK

Clap For Carers UK on Twitter.

SpaceX Launch

A SpaceX launch on Twitter.

US Senate

The US Senate on Twitter.

Warner Music Artists

Warner Music artists on Twitter.

Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day on Twitter.


Universities on Twitter.

CNN and BBC Reporters

CNN and BBC Reporters on Twitter.



Create an immersive outdoor brand experience and increase engagement by embedding context-specific Mapimize visualisations into digital out of home content.


Draw in window shoppers and differentiate the 'bricks and mortar' experience from online by displaying brand-centric Mapimize visualisations on in store digital signage.


Create a unique and memorable first impression with added 'wow-factor' by integrating locale-centric Mapimize visualistions into a hotel lobby or waiting area.


Show the live audience how the whole world is engaging by displaying event-specific Mapimize visualistions at concerts and music festivals.

Brand Management

Review how campaigns play out. Track engagement, sentiment, and hashtag virality. Target resources, and make guided interventions.


See the story emerge before others do. See the big picture and the fine detail, the historical relationships and the emerging trends. All at once, in real-time.


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